Here are some things that people have said about me and Fiddlebox.

Fiddlebox making music on a ship
Very, very talented with a fresh approach to the music.”
Frank Hennessy, BBC Radio Wales
The fresh and lively sound made by this winsome twosome is a delight. They help any event go with a swing.”
David Hardy, Head of Marketing, National Botanic Garden of Wales
A strong sense of Welsh musical tradition is prominent in the duo? music, which is heavily influenced by life in modern Wales.”
Wales Millennium Centre (Dy le di)
I enjoyed this immensely. I came out humming tunes I've never heard before, and felt confident to play them on my guitar.”
At the core of what they do is always their beautiful music, fresh and accessible, fully bilingual, and totally original yet suffused with a myriad influences. World music indeed, and deserving of an even wider audience.”
BB Skone, Radio Wales DJ, writing in Pembrokeshire Life
[These] prolific song and tune writers ... have a growing number of supporters for their particular mix of folk, rock, klezmer and minimalist inspired original compositions.”
Milford Mercury
She conveys the tunes with skill, spreading her infectious enthusiasm to everyone in the group.”
They completely won over the audience!”
Llantrisant Folk Club
Helen Adam as catwoman
Passionate, cinematic instrumentals on fiddle and box”
Rock and Reel Magazine
She uncovers a world of Welsh music that is hidden to most of us.”
Fiddlebox on fire..... Loved the new songs and tunes... amazing how the fiddle manages not to be outdone by the box in acoustic mode.”
Jules Rutter, Cuffern Manor
Together they spark off each other like sunlight off steel.”
David Thorpe, New Welsh Review
Both singing strongly and movingly together on some great new tunes.”
Guy Norman, Space to Create