Helen Adam

I'm a freelance fiddle/violin player, singer, performer and composer living in beautiful West Wales.


Having played from a very young age, I am now effectively unable to do anything other than create, perform and facilitate music making!

Mari Lwyd Tune Book

With the Llaneilo tune club, I have put together a booklet of tunes and songs relating to the Mari Lwyd tradition. We are taking the Mari out around Carmarthenshire this winter season. To download a copy of the booklet click here.

New Album

Fiddlebox's new album is now available. Called 'Eastern Honeymoon,' it is a romance between Klezmer and Welsh traditional music. Have a listen to a couple of short clips below.

We are planning a European tour later this year of 'Eastern Honeymoon', dates to follow.

The Sound of the Mountains

With George Whitfield and Icelander Steingrimmur Gudmundsson, I am starting a new project which explores the sounds of folk music from empty mountain areas. We are using old Icelandic melodies, Welsh folk melodies and acoustic sounds to try to capture the loneliness, space and solitary beauty of our high wilderness places. This project is part of my on going obsession with the geography of culture, and why music sounds like the places it originates from.

This is the start of a discussion and exploration, more to follow.


I have written a collection of violin (or other melody instrument) duets all using Welsh folk tunes. The idea behind this collection was inspired by early accounts of Welsh musicians playing together and extemporising contrapuntal melodic lines which weaved into and harmonised with the original. I have written some of these lines, designed to stand alone as melodies and also to fit with the original tunes. The Collection of new duets and trios 'Knotwork' are now available as printed music, e book and as an audio CD. See more.


I am now working on a follow up project to Knotwork, called 'Tunelines', which is a musical map of Wales, celebrating the many tunes which come from and are named after towns and villages across the country. A chance to tour Wales through music, and play beautiful Welsh tunes, all again twisted into knotworked musical patterns. Go to Tunelines.com.

About Me

Classically trained to degree level in violin, viola, piano and voice, I now specialise in interpreting musical traditions, especially Welsh and Klezmer (Jewish), through the prism of my particular interests, which include:

  • avant garde composition
  • minimalism
  • free improvisation
  • industrial and mechanical sounds

As a cultural hybrid I try to blend different genres with sensitivity and love. I am not a musical or traditional purist but am passionate about a good tune, rhythm that excites, music that stirs the soul and connects with the heart, and dancing that makes you happy!

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